Unwrapping Goyard


Happy New Year!!!



First month, first post of the year.  It’s been quite a long, festive holidays for us here at The Ultimate Chic.

My family and I decided to take a week off after the Christmas and New Year celebrations by taking a quick trip to Brühl, Germany where we brought the kids to Phantasialand (ok, not exactly THAT fantastic at this freezing, wet weather!) and, later on, driving to Paris, where I got the first big surprise of the year!

Meanwhile, my partner-in-crime, Alona (who’s on the other side of the world), is still on a fun trip to San Francisco, California with her family.

Back to Paris.  Beautiful as always, Paris is just a 6-to-7-hour drive from our city here in Germany so it’s always our go-to city for quick trips aside from Hamburg and Amsterdam.  While I was initially planning a trip to Morocco or Egypt, my dear husband insisted that we just go to Paris.  (My thought bubble went, „Again?!? We were just there six months ago!“).  Little did I know that my DH was planning on giving me a surprise — my first Goyard!

World-renowned Parisian malletier and luggage manufacturer, Goyard has been making traditional trunks (and eventually travelling accessories like hat boxes, picnic baskets, handbags, etc.) since 1853.  With clients the likes of Coco Chanel, the Duke and the Duchess of Windsor, Mrs Pompidou, Edith Piaf, Karl Lagerfeld, Cristobal Balenciaga,  it is no surprise that the Goyard heritage perpetuates fine workmanship and creative craftmanship.

So, enough of the talk.  Now for the great reveal…



HUUUGE shopping bag. Intricate packaging…



Gorgeous canary yellow dustbag.



more yellow….


…. TA-DAAA!!!


The great reveal…



Jeanne MM in Black

So beautiful, I couldn’t take my eyes off it!  Can’t wait to see it in action!



Maison Goyard

233, rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris
+33 1 42 60 57 04



Other Store Locations

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