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Packing for a weekend trip to Rome or a month-long trip around the US doesn’t have to be stressful.  While we all wish to travel light, we also don’t want to worry about not being able to bring your favorite pair of Manolos.  Careful planning is the key.


As for your own ’survival kit‘ during a long-haul flight, here are the essentials that every woman should have:


1.  The Bag.  Be it a tote or a duffel, a medium-sized bag (like this one from Saint Laurent) is ideal — one that would have enough room for your essentials but not too big that you end up filling it up with ’non-essentials‘, suffering from backache or wishing that you’ve checked it in as well.


2.  Passport and Plane Ticket.  For obvious reasons, of course.  You might also have to check if a visa is required to be able to enter the country of your destination before you travel.


3.  Lipstick.  After a long-haul flight, you’d like to be able to look like you’re looking forward to this trip and not like you’ve just had a hangover from last night and hadn’t had enough sleep.


4.  A Compact Camera.  Who doesn’t want to be reminded of their fabulous weekend in Mykonos?  Keep a compact camera handy to capture those stunning sunsets and unforgettable moments.


5 & 6. Mobile Phone and Battery Charger.


7.  A Travel Guide and a Small Notebook.  Granting you did a bit of research about your destination, a pocket travel guide book will guide you for getting around the places you wish to visit and a small notebook like this minimalistic one from Moleskine for taking notes of your experience.


8.  An All-Around Moisturiser.  Travelling by air for hours can dehydrate you and your skin so it is very important that you drink lots of fluid (more water, less tea and coffee!) and keep your skin moisturised.  When travelling, I always make sure I have Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré or Homeoplasmine in my bag.


9.  Mascara.  If you have to bring a makeup kit, avoid the temptation of bringing your entire makeup set in your handbag (you could always pack them in your luggage) and limit the contents to the essentials.  A brush of mascara makes your face looks instantly awake and bright.


10.  BB Cream.  Along with your mascara and lipstick, a tube of BB Cream like Clinique Age Defense BB Cream or a concealer/skin brightener pen like YSL Touche Éclat can work wonders for dehydrated and tired-looking skin as they instantly make your face radiant-looking and flawless.


11.  Wallet.  A wallet that has enough compartments for your credit cards and cash can also work as a clutch for nights-out.


12.  Travel Toothbrush and Toothpaste.  Forget everything but these must-haves.


13.  Dry Shampoo.  This non-aerosole dry shampoo (yes, no water needed!) from Klorane has oil-absorbing properties to eliminate oil, dirt, and odour while regaining volume and freshness.


14.  Moisturising Hand Sanitiser.  This hand sanitiser from Jurlique contains effective, natural ingredients that eliminates 99.9% germs in seconds and intensive moisturising properties that leaves hands feeling soft and silky.


15.  Hair Brush.  You don’t want to get off the plane looking like you’re having a Princess Merida moment.


16.  Cleansing Wipes.  This oil-free cleansing wipes from Neutrogena leaves skin clean with no greasy residue so there’s no need to rinse.
Now you’re all set!  Happy travels!

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