Make Your Leftover Popcorn Crunchy Once More



Did you ever have left over popcorns but don’t want to throw them away?  You can make them crunchy once more in 3 easy steps.

1.  Place the stale popcorns on an oven safe tray.

2.  Put them inside the oven and set the temperature to 375F/190C.

3.  As soon as the oven reaches 375F/190C, turn it off and wait for a minute before opening the oven.  Do not leave the popcorns for more than 3 minutes or they will burn.

You may add some more butter and sprinkle a little salt.  Enjoy!

„While popcorn may not be a particularly nutritious food, it’s a fun, social snack, and a perfect conversation starter.  In other words, popcorn is to food what social media is to relationships.“  

-Nick Usborne, Popcorn Content

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