Make It Yours. Monogram It.



Monogrammed luggages has been around for a long time as part of Europe’s heraldic traditions.  World-renowned Parisian malletier and luggage manufacturer Goyard, for instance, has been doing the tradition of personalization by hand-painting monograms on trunks and travel accessories since 1853.  Back in the day, luggage personalization was done for practical reasons — to easily identify the legitimate owner of a trunk — rather than for aesthetics or for fashion.

In the recent years, other luggage and bag makers like Louis Vuitton, Moynat, Bottega Veneta and Fendi, among others, followed suit.

I like the idea of personalizing my handbag.  However, I’ve heard horror stories about paints peeling off and making the bag look terrible after years of use — not exactly what anyone would want after investing on a designer purse AND the monogram (yes, most them charge extra fees for customization and it’s quite pricey!).  However, when I learned that Fendi is hot-stamping monograms gratis, and the monogram would be quite discreet (I was never a fan of big, loud monograms or logos!) as it would be placed on the detachable tag and in the same colour as the metal hardware of the handbag, I just went for it!

Frankly, I can’t believe I actually had second thoughts about it…because I love it!



Now, I want to have all my handbags monogrammed!

Would you consider putting monograms on your handbags?




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