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Argan tree at the Tafraout Valley, Morocco Photo via Bjornfree

Argan tree at the Tafraout Valley, Morocco Photo via Bjornfree

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Kernels from an argan tree  Photo via Saudi Aramco World

Kernels from an argan tree
Photo via Saudi Aramco World


Argan oil is considered as the liquid gold in Morocco, which is made from the kernels of argan trees that are found in its southwestern region.  It can be used as skin and hair moisturizer and, with regular use, it can:

– clear acne blemishes and scars

– reduce fine lines

– alleviates dry skin

-calms down frizzy hair and treats split ends

Moroccans treasure their argan oil for its pharmaceutical and cosmetic uses.  Produced by numerous women’s co-operatives, the seeds are separated from the nut to get the kernels within, which has up to 50% oil, then gently roasted to extract the oil.  It is said to cure juvenile acne and rheumatism, and its high content of Vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acid called linoleic acid has anti-inflammatory properties that makes it a popular hair conditioner and nail fortifier.

According to Los Angeles dermatologist Susan Kallal, look for 100% argan oil and avoid blends labeled „Moroccan oil,“ which may contain only a small amount of argan oil and are often „heavy, gooey and yellow“.   Having read that, I purchased Josie Maran’s Argan Oil.  It is a little costly but I am assured that it is 100% pure Fair Trade Argan Oil — cold pressed, grown and harvested responsibly by co-ops of Moroccan women who earn a living wage.  Just in case I find an authentic, reliable and cheaper alternative, I will let you know.


I am using this for a week now and have noticed amazing results.  For years, I have been in search of eye serums and had finished few bottles and none of them were able to treat the dark circles under my eyes, reduce the puffiness and erase the crow’s feet that are starting to form around my eyes and lips. Moreover, it was able to tame the frizz and has brought back the lost shine on hair, after putting two drops on my hands and rubbing it in on my color-treated hair.  For me, this is the best  all-around, age-defying, head-to-toe miracle oil in the market now.  Non-greasy and not sticky but absorbs well once applied, it is also paraben-, synthetic-, fragrance-, and cruelty-free.  I also use this to my youngest son’s sensitive and dry skin and it does wonders on him.  He doesn’t experience red and itchy skin anymore.

If you want to watch how Argan Oil is made in Morocco, this can be seen in ‚Travel With Sheila’s‘ video.

Josie Maran Moroccan Argan Body Oil 15ml/0.5fl oz. (100% Pure Argan Oil)

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