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is a full-time wife and mother of two from Germany.  True to her description of ‘two opposing forces meet’, she enjoys shifting from being a domestic goddess to being a shopaholic (thanks to Sophie Kinsella for the inspiration!) as much as she hates shifting from English to Deutsch (admittedly, her adeptness for speaking multiple languages is not as high as her spatial skills).  Having had a very short stint in professional styling, she likes playing dress-up both in her creative life and in real life.  Travelling is one of her passions — a must to break the monotony or the chaos of everyday life. Attached to decades long before her time, Tiza considers herself a ‘twenties’ girl (another reference to dear Sophie!) who loves watching period films and TV series when football is not on.[/ezcol_2third_end]

is a 24/7 momma and wifey from sunny San Diego, California.  She is an experimental dough puncher whose achievement on making egg pies rely on the thumbs-up of her two boys.  A self-confessed bookworm, her range of reading selection includes inspirational, theological and philosophical works to fashion, travel, and even children’s books. She is also a bonafide beauty junkie who juggles online shopping, entertaining her kids and cooking at home.

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